Make your own Japanese furikake at home

Have you heard of furikake? These are powdered or granulated dry flake seasonings made with very finely chopped seaweed, sesame seeds, fish, or vegetables. As they are mainly sprinkled into rice (“furikakeru” means “to sprinkle” in Japanese), they are called furikake. In Japan they are often referred to as “rice’s friend” and if someone has a favorite type they can find themselves eating nothing but rice and furikake until they burst. This furikake is now starting to take off in the USA. Packed with plenty of delicious elements of Japanese cooking, it doesn’t only go great with rice, but matches surprisingly well with salads and pasta dishes.

How to make simple handmade furikake

Though there are lots of flavors of furikake on sale, you can actually make these at home as well. A well as dried nori seaweed, sesame seeds, and bonito flakes, vegetables and fish that have been well roasted in a frying pan may also be added. And there you have it; homemade furikake made to your tastes.

Tasty Rice Seasoning with Leftover Bonito

Use leftover bonito flakes from making dashi stock to make furikake rice sprinkles! This furikake is easy to make and delicious, and it takes no time at all!

It’s fine to just buy it from the local store, but challenge yourself to preparing a stock at home might make a fun weekend activity. (TEXT:Akiko Takyu)