Japanese pancakes?! Let’s try making dorayaki!


Along with Japanese cuisine, Japanese confectionery is now starting to gain attention from people all over the world. The simple to make yet very Japanese “dorayaki” has been turning heads in particular. Here we’ll introduce you to dorayaki that look surprisingly similar to the popular Western-style pancake!

Just the right sweetness and healthy! The popularity of Japanese sweets

From the high-quality confectionery found in Japanese tea rooms to the simple sweets eaten as snacks everyday, traditional Japanese sweets are also riding the current boom in Japanese culture and attracting attention from foodies around the world. The biggest difference between Japanese and Western sweets are the ingredients used. Western sweets tend to use animal products such as butter and cream, while Japanese sweets tend to use mostly plant-based ingredients. It seems that the secret to their success is that their flavor that isn’t too sweet, they’re healthy, and that they have a great texture not found in Western confectionery. Established Japanese sweet shops are now starting to expand abroad and the popularity of Japanese sweets continues to rise.

Make them at home! Dorayaki

Along with the popularity of Japanese sweets, the number of people trying to make them at home is also on the rise. One of the sweets that we recommend trying is dorayaki. In between two pancake-like layers you’ll find plenty of anko bean paste. They’re popular for being very easy to make in a frying pan.

Branded Dorayaki
I wanted to use the branding iron I bought in the Kappabashi district of Tokyo so I made dorayaki. They are fluffy and moist, and you can make them at home.

Pancakes that use honey are soft and moist. This is the king of dorayaki.

Mocha Walnut Dorayaki
A coffee-scented dorayaki (filled sponge cake) filled with fragrant walnut paste.

Here’s an interesting walnut and coffee version too.

How about trying to make easy and delicious Japanese dorayaki yourself?
(TEXT:Akiko Takyu)

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