Kazuhiko Kudo, a pioneer potter in the northern front of Japan.

Kazuhiko Kudo is a Japanese potter based in Hokkaido. We visited him and asked to film his creation process. It was full of surprise to see how much one man could achieve by his own hands. His work actually starts with digging clay by himself:

When he moved to Hokkaido back in 1993, he found that naturally-occurring clay existed in a neighboring village. The clay was originally yellow sand flown from Siberia 45 thousand years ago, and was a soil of 200 million years old.


After five years of numerous experiments, he finally succeeded to fire the clay, and established his own style of “Kikohiki”. He continued to pursue his own local style, and created original ash glaze made up of white birch.


In 2015, he finished the construction of a wood-fueled kiln made from scratch to fire special tea-ware and sake-ware, alongside using electric kilns.


Hokkaido is the northern front of Japan, and quite far from any of traditional pottery area. That is why and where his own inspiration comes from, says Kudo.


It simply takes more time to dig and prepare clay, cut and burn wood to produce ash glaze, and fire in a wood fueled kiln. He has to keep the fire three to four nights without leaving the kiln, and the results are not always predictable. But thus, he thinks that the creations could be cherished for a lifetime.


If you are interested in his works and in New York area on September 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2016 , please join our exhibition and the workshop.

Japanese Tableware Exhibition in New York

We would be delighted to talk and show his works in person.

Matcha and Teaware Workshop in NYC

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