Hot & Spicy Curry Udon


During the hot summer days, sometimes we get a craving for hot and spicy food. Hot and spicy udon makes us sweat a bit, and it helps us to cool down in the heat!
Look for frozen or packaged udon noodles, and a box of curry roux bricks in Japanese or Asian supermarket (maybe even at the international section of the regular supermarket). Thin sliced pork or chicken thighs with some veggies would make the curry udon noodles perfect, simple and delicious.

Curry Udon

4 servings

1/2 pound Thin sliced pork or chicken thighs
1 Onion 2 -3 Carrots
1 package Shimeji mushroom
Half a box of Curry roux bricks (6 servings)
1200cc Bonito Broth
3 Tbs Mentsuyu
1 Tbs Potato (or corn) starch +1 Tbs Water
4 servings Udon

1. Cut the pork or chicken into bite sized pieces. Slice the onion and carrots thinly. Cut off the bottom of shimeji mushroom and pull apart into bite sized pieces.
2. Heat the oil in a saucepan to saute the meat and veggies, then add the bonito broth and cook well.


3. Remove from the heat, add curry roux bricks, and mix well. Heat it up again and cook a couple more minutes, then add mentsuyu.


4. Keep cooking to a boil then add starch and water mixture; mix well then remove the heat.
5. Cook udon noodles according to their directions, strain well and put the udon in a bowl. Pour curry over the udon as you desire then serve with some sliced scallions.

Enjoy the hot and spicy curry udon in hot summer day!
(You can pour the curry over Japanese rice too. It is called “Curry Don”. )