Tatsuta age: Deep fried chicken to celebrate foliage season


There are many fried chicken recipes in Japan, but I think this Tatsuta age is one of my favorites. It has a delicious hint of ginger to it.

Deep fried chicken - Tatsuta age
Here is the one of the delicious Japanese style fried chicken recipes! The red color from the soy sauce and the white from the starch reminds us of the fall foliage along the rivers in Japan. Great recipe for parties, dinner, or a lunch box!

The chicken is seasoned in soy-sauce marinade and when fried, its color becomes the tone of red leaves. This reminds people of red leaves floating on the Tatsuta-gawa River. It’s the perfect recipe for the foliage season!

To create the feeling of fall, I serve the chicken on a dining table set with foliage-inspired decor.



Chopstick rests shaped like Japanese maple leaves


Paper patterned with Japanese maple leaves


I hope you give my Tatsuta age recipe a try! I’ve also added some tips in the recipe, to make it easier for anyone to make at home. It’s very, very delicious!! I guarantee you will be amazed.