15 Minute Roast Chicken Wings

15 Minute Roast Chicken Wings

If you use chicken wings that have been split down the middle, the seasoning ingredients are absorbed quickly, so you can roast them immediately! On Christmas day, if you buy the wings on your way home from work, they'll still be ready for dinner.

Ingredients: 2-3 servings

Chicken wings - middle section (split vertically down the middle)
500 g
1 teaspoon
Soy sauce
1 teaspoon
1 tablespoon
Grated ginger (pre-grated from a tube is fine)
1 teaspoon


1. Put the chicken wings and all the seasoning ingredients into a plastic bag.
2. Rub the seasoning into the wings. If you rub them in well here, you can roast them right away.
3. Roast the wings on a grilling rack on the mid-level of the oven with the skin sides up for 13 minutes (use the grilling function of your oven, or use a fish grill). If the heat in your oven only comes from one side, turn the wings over halfway through.
4. We have a fish grill at home, and I set it on the filet/semi-dried fish setting, which is just right for these wings. Please adjust the cooking time depending on what type of grill or oven you have.
5. Try the wings with seasoned salt instead of the salt, soy sauce and sake. Use 1 teaspoon of seasoned salt, 1 tablespoon of white wine and some grated garlic.
6. Since you don't need to marinate the wings, you can use them in bentos (in which case you should omit the garlic). They're cheaper and tastier than store-bought readymade wings.
7. If you are using chicken wings that haven't been split down the middle, make a deep cut in each wing as shown, and rub the flavoring ingredients into this cut. Use a generous amount of salt and pepper in this case.
8. You can roast them right away.
9. If you are using wings as-is without cutting into them, marinate for about 2 hours as described in Step 9.

Story Behind this Recipe

My second son doesn't like fish. One day when I served a lot of fish for dinner, he looked so sad that I made these wings. They were delicious even without marinating, and they were gone before all the fish dishes. I also made them for a Christmas party for little ones, where everyone loved them and said they were easy to eat.