It is good to knead bread by hand, but sometimes it is easier to use a bread maker. Try this delicious, buttery and moist Stollen.


★Strong bread flour
250 g
★Unsalted butter
100 g
★Cane sugar
50 g
a pinch
★Egg yolk
70 ml
★Vanilla oil
a small amount
★Cinnamon powder
1/2 teaspoon
Dried yeast
2 teaspoons
Dried fruits soaked in rum
120 g
Walnut, Sliced almond
total 50 g
Butter for decoration
as needed
Powdered sugar for decoration
as needed


1. Use dried fruits soaked overnight with rum (soaking for about 1 week is preferable). Chop the walnuts.
2. Put yeast in the bread maker. Place ★ ingredients in the machine. Then set the machine for the dough course with dried fruits, and start.
3. Add fruits and nuts to the machine and allow the bread maker to do the first proofing. Take dough out and cover with a moist kitchen cloth to prevent it drying out. Set aside for 10 minutes.
4. Roll the dough to a 1.5cm thick oval and fold in half. Leave the dough at 30℃ temperature for 30 minutes; this is the second rising.
5. The photo on the left is before the second rising, and the right side is after. It has not doubled in size, but it is much bigger.
6. Once the bread has gone through a second rising, bake in preheated 180℃ oven for approximately 30 minutes.
7. Take the the stollen out of the oven. For decoration, spread butter on the surface while it’s hot and sprinkle plenty of powdered sugar. (The sugar will melt, but don’t worry.)
8. Wrap the stolen with aluminium foil and cool. Then sprinkle powdered sugar through a tea strainer, over the bread and it is done. It will be even better if you store for 2 ~ 3 days before eating.
9. This stollen recipe uses "yeast for confectionary" (1 teaspoon).
10. If you don’t have "yeast for confectionary," you can use normal yeast You just need to adjust the time for rising. The yeast amount in this recipe is more than a normal bread recipe.

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually knead this by hand when making this recipe, but I wondered if I could use a bread maker. I have uploaded my attempt here.