Boiled Eggs with Salt-flavored Yolks

Boiled Eggs with Salt-flavored Yolks

You know the boiled eggs with salt-flavored yolks that you can get at a convenience store or the station? Well, you can make them really easily at home!


Boiled eggs
1 tablespoon
Bay leaf
Lukewarm water
300 ml


1. Pour lukewarm water into a plastic bag. The temperature should be just right to dissolve the salt. So, add the salt to dissolve. Please refer to "Fast! Easy Peeling! Boiled Eggs " (Recipe ID: 993284) for boiling the eggs.
2. Add the bay leaf, roughly crushed peppercorns, and eggs ( boiled to your preferred hardness then peeled ) into the plastic bag.
3. Tie the bag so that the marinade will coat the eggs thoroughly. Let it sit for a whole day in the fridge. Drain and rinse the marinade before serving. Hard-boiled eggs are better for bentos.
4. Here's one way of serving these eggs. They will turn some simple boiled spinach into a festive egg salad.
5. Also great for "Hot Spring Cabbage Salad" (Recipe ID: 1061667).
6. I also recommend making smoked and marinated eggs with a soft-boiled egg.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is my variation of a recipe that I once saw on TV. Well, now it's our family's regular dish.