Baked Okara Donuts in a Donut Maker

Baked Okara Donuts in a Donut Maker

These donuts are very nutritious because they contain tons of okara soy pulp. The ingredients are super simple, too. Very soft and airy.

Ingredients: approximately 30 donuts

Fresh okara
150 g
Soy milk
150 g
Pancake mix
150 g
Margarine or butter
As needed


1. Mix the fresh okara, soy milk, and pancake mix in a bowl. Transfer to a plastic bag.
2. Chop one corner of the bag. The key is not to cut too big - you'll want to squeeze out the dough just like you pipe out icing.
3. Warm up the donut mold and grease with margarine or butter. In my case, I stuck a small piece of butter on a skewer and rubbed that onto the molds.
4. Squeeze the dough into the molds. Push anything sticking out of the molds into it. Cover the donut maker.
5. Wait until it's done. My 2-year-old daughter gobbled up 4 donuts almost instantly (I stopped her at the fourth piece!).

Story Behind this Recipe

When I heard that Vitantonio released a donut plate for their waffle makers, I couldn't resist buying it. And since my recipe for okara donuts is rather popular, that's what I made with my brand-new donut maker.