100% Foamy Hot Chocolate Made in a Mug

100% Foamy Hot Chocolate Made in a Mug

This is my ready-in-a-flash hot chocolate recipe that I make whenever I crave for it.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Cocoa powder
2 heaping teaspoons
1 cup (240 ml)


1. Put as much cocoa powder as you like into a cup. Add a little bit of the milk and mix until it's kind of a paste. This is important!
2. Mix and mix. While continuing to mix, pour in the rest of the milk. Don't worry if the paste doesn't dissolve completely!!
3. Set your microwave to the 'milk warming' setting (for our microwave, that's 70°C) and heat the milk.
4. There will be bits of unmixed cocoa powder floating on the surface, so mix then heat again.
5. It's delicious and frothy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to have some delicious hot cocoa, but waiting for water to boil was such a pain, so I came up with this!