Healthy Tofu Shiratama Rice Cakes

Healthy Tofu Shiratama Rice Cakes

You won't be able to detect the tofu flavor at all.
Even people who dislike tofu will enjoy this. A chewy delight!

Ingredients: About 20 rice cakes

about 120 g
100 g
Matcha (optional)


1. Mix the shiratamako and the drained tofu together, and mix evenly. Add a bit of matcha if you like.
2. Once the dough becomes soft (like your ear lobes), it's ready to be boiled.
3. Roll small balls from the dough, then drop into boiling water. After they rise to the surface, continue to boil for 1 to 2 minutes, chill in ice water, then serve.
4. I used 160 g of well-drained tofu in the following recipe: Recipe ID: 1113729, "Toshatan-yuan: Boiled Shiratama Rice Cakes with Sweet Bean Paste."

Story Behind this Recipe

I made these shiratama using tofu.
Up until middle school, I had thought that shiratama dough was made with tofu.