Rolled Omelette with Seasoned Spinach

Rolled Omelette with Seasoned Spinach

Roll up the seasoned spinach with egg. It is cute and bite-sized! For appetizer or for a home party.


1/2 bunch
◎ Eggs
◎ soup stock
1 tablespoon
★ Mirin
1 teaspoon each
★ Usukuchi soy sauce (regular soy sauce is also ok)
1 teaspoon each
★ Dashi stock
1 teaspoon each
Vegetable oil
as needed


1. Divide the boiled spinach into 2, and place the leaves and the stalks upside down. Pour the mixed ★ on the spinach and leave them for 10 minutes to marinate. Mix ◎.
2. At this time, I make 2 rolled omelettes so use 1/2 egg mixture for 1 rolled omelette. So if you want to make 4 omlettes, double the recipe's egg mixture amount.
3. Heat a pan with oil and cook 1 piece first. When cooked, put it on a cutting board, and place the lightly squeezed spinach(1/2) in the side of the egg.
4. Roll it up from down to up.
5. Put it back to the edge of frying pan. Pour the egg mixture and keep rolling up. (you can place the rolled egg in an oppisite side, too.)
6. At the end of rolling it up, stick the egg mixture and seal by the heat of frying pan. Do the same to the second one.
7. At this time, I made 2 rolls and cut 6 pieces for 1.

Story Behind this Recipe

I often make this dish so I decided to make a recipe.