For Bentos♡Umeboshi Mayonnaise Tamagoyaki (Rolled Omelettes)

For Bentos♡Umeboshi Mayonnaise Tamagoyaki (Rolled Omelettes)

This is a flavorful tamagoyaki omelette with the appetizing tartness of umeboshi. The mayonnaise makes it very fluffy. It'll make you want to eat lots of rice. Thanks to the umeboshi, it's also perfect to pack in bentos during the summer!

Ingredients: 3 tamagoyaki

1 teaspoon
Vegetable oil
As needed


1. Remove the seed from the umeboshi and break apart the flesh by chopping it up with a knife. Crack egg into a bowl, then combine with umeboshi and mayonnaise. Mix well. Cook in a greased tamagoyaki pan (egg fryer) and voila ♪

Story Behind this Recipe

I've always made this dish for my own lunches, but I decided to post the recipe here because it consistently turns out so well, even despite the differences in size of the umeboshi ♪