A Lit Up Decorative Cookie House For Christmas

A Lit Up Decorative Cookie House For Christmas

It's Christmas, so let's light up your cookie house! The lights behind the colorful windows made with hard candy are so cute.

Ingredients: 1 house

Cut-out cookie dough (Recipe ID: 341546)
Double the amount of the recipe
Store-bought hard candies
about 15
Powdered sugar
50 g
Store-bought candies (use ones with colorful wrappers)
as needed
Birthday cake candle


1. Prepare your favorite cut-out cookie dough. You can make the dough in advance, and freeze it either in dough form or after cutting out the shapes.
2. Cut the cookie dough out and bake it. Here I started by deciding on the size of the base dough (you could use a plate or box as the base instead).
3. For reference, my base was about 12 x 24 cm. The base of the house was 9.5 cm, and the height of the house was 12.5 cm and 9.5 cm. I added windows and doors.
4. The tree is formed by putting two pieces together in the middle, but one piece was 6 cm wide at the base and 19.5 cm high. I also cut out some ornament shapes.
5. The dough puffs up a bit when it's baked, so make your cut-out patterns a bit smaller than you want the final shapes to be. If part of the cookie bakes up bumpy, you can just scrape it smooth with a knife.
6. Put a small mound of crushed candies (about 5 mm pieces) in each of the windows when baking the cookie house walls.
7. Make the icing. Add drops of water to the powdered sugar and mix. The icing should be just thick enough that it doesn't drip easily, and be glossy.
8. Use the icing as glue and snow to put the house and tree together! I stuck on some candies too. There's a tiny tiny star on top of the tree.
9. Put a small candle in the central triangle of the tree, and fix it in place with a cut-out cookie ornament.
10. From another angle:
11. Scatter on whatever candies you have as additional decoration.
12. Maybe the candies look like stained glass too?
13. Make more cut out cookies with any leftover dough. Use these not just for decoration, but as snacks for the kids.
14. Here is how the cookie house looks during the day.

Story Behind this Recipe

When December approaches, I always feel like making decorative cookies.