Deep-Fried Salty Sweet Potato Sticks

Deep-Fried Salty Sweet Potato Sticks

Flavored just with salt, which brings out the sweetness of the sweet potato.
They'll be gone soon after you finish making them.

Ingredients: 1 sweet potato

Sweet potato, enough oil to fry, salt
as desired


1. Wash the sweet potato well and use a paper towel to dry.
2. Heat the oil. Cut the parts of the potato that you are going to fry into long strips. If you aren't going to be washing in water, you should fry it quickly or it'll change color.
3. Fry slowly at about 170℃ for a nice color.
4. Sandwich between paper towels to remove the oil, shake some salt over all of them.
5. Repeat steps 2 - 4.

Story Behind this Recipe

A friend made this at a gathering and it was really delicious, so it's become a staple in our household.
The kids love it.