Christmas Color Pincho Veggies & Cheese

Christmas Color Pincho Veggies & Cheese

This recipe is for easy finger food (pincho) that requires nothing more than cutting and skewering.

Ingredients: 8 servings

Shiso leaves marinated in minced shiso/garlic and soy sauce Recipe ID: 248794
Cream cheese
100 g
Cherry tomatoes


1. Slice the cream cheese into 1 cm cuts. Wrap the cheese with the prepared shiso leaves and cut in half.
2. Remove the steams from the mini tomatoes and slice horizontally. Cube the avocado.
3. Skewer the avocado, tomato, and cheese on a cocktail pick and plate.
4. If you want, drizzle a little garlic-soy sauce marinade and lemon juice before serving.

Story Behind this Recipe

I really like the taste of the garlic-soy sauce shiso leaves with cream cheese. I wanted to make easy finger food using Christmas colors.