Microwave-Made Apple Chips

Microwave-Made Apple Chips

Apples are the only ingredients. No frying, no sugar, no oil!
You can make super sweet and crunchy chips without using the oven! They're great as kids' snacks.

Ingredients: As much as you want to make

As much as you want
Paper Towel
Several sheets


1. Cut the apple in half and slice as thinly as possible. (The slices in the picture are slightly on the thicker side.) A slicer or wide peeler is good for this task too!
2. It's cute if you use a shaped cookie cutter to cut out the core. You can use the cut out portion to decorate a bento lunchbox.
3. Line up the apples on a paper towel and cover them with another paper towel (sandwich the apples) and microwave it for 3 minutes.
4. Change the bottom paper towel and flip the apples. Microwave for another 3 minutes. (It's easier to flip the apples and paper towels together.) Once they become crisp, cool and they're finished.
5. After some time they will become a bit soggy and damp, so if that happens, topping with pancake or cupcake batter and then baking them is a cute idea.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got tired of always making applesauce, so I attempted to make my own apple chips to change up the texture of my snacks a bit.