Fluffy and Moist Rolls With Sake Lees

Fluffy and Moist Rolls With Sake Lees

With just a bit of sake lees, these turn out to be surprisingly soft and moist. They have just a hint of sake lees, so even people who dislike sake lees won't turn these down.


Bread (strong) flour
200 g
Sake lees
~10g (Increase it to 30g for those of you that like sake lees.)
20 g
1 tablespoon
3 g
Dry yeast
3g (Use 10g if it is Panetone Mazal)
Vegetable oil
1 tablespoon
Rice flour (for topping) (optional)
As needed


1. Place all of the ingredients into the bread maker to knead. Complete the first rising.
2. Punch down the dough, roll into balls of equal size,cover with a well-wrung out cloth, and let rest for 15 minutes.
3. Reshape the balls so they're nice and round, and let them rise for the second time.
4. Using a tea strainer, sprinkle with as much joshinko as you like, and bake in an oven preheated to 170°C for 15 minutes.
5. They are done once they have turned light golden brown. For those of you that don't like the taste of sake lees, coat with a whisked egg when baking, and bake a darker color.
6. I turned these ones into bean paste filled rolls. Bean paste goes well with the taste of the sake lees.
7. An-Filled Sake Mini Steamed Bread (ID:998086. It's made with baking powder, so you can enjoy steamed sake lees bread,easily.
8. In order to turn this into a fluffy bread, increase the amount of water a bit.
9. If it is hard to handle, then set aside one tablespoon of milk in advance, and add it in while checking the texture.

Story Behind this Recipe

Just by adding a bit of sake lees to the ingredients, it will turn into a moist and fluffy dough. The scent is not strong, and it was popular even with my kids,who don't like the taste of sake lees. Not only is cooking with sake lees healthy, it is cheaper than butter as well, so I started using it to make bread.