Great with Wine! Anchovy-Shrimp Toast.

Great with Wine! Anchovy-Shrimp Toast.

This is easy shrimp toast with anchovies. It really goes well with wine!!


Peeled shrimp
120 to 150 g
Anchovy filets ★
1 to 2
(or paste) ★
1/2 to 1 teaspoon
Mayonnaise ★
1 teaspoon
Garlic ★
1/2 clove
Pizza cheese
2 tablespoons
Black pepper
to taste
Bread of your choice
as needed
a small amount


1. ●Food processor method: Put the ★ ingredients in a food processor and process a few times. Add the peeled shrimp and process a little more to chop them roughly. Add the black pepper and mix.
2. ●Hand chopping method: Chop up the shrimp and anchovies on a cutting board. Grate the garlic and mix it with the shrimp, anchovies and mayonnaise. Add the black pepper and mix.
3. Using either method, mix in the cheese. Spread on bread, sprinkle with dried parsley or black pepper, and toast in a toaster oven. I used sliced sandwich bread cut into quarters.
4. If you sprinkle the cheese on top, it can burn while toasting so I tried mixing it into the topping.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a variation of shrimp toast.