How to Preserve Yuzu: Frozen Peels, Yuzu Ponzu Sauce, and Yuzu Tea

How to Preserve Yuzu: Frozen Peels, Yuzu Ponzu Sauce, and Yuzu Tea

Use the whole yuzu citrus fruit! If you freeze the peel, it's useful to use as a garnish or flavor accent in side dishes, soups and more! You can make a large batch and use it year-round.


as many as you like
Soy sauce
as needed
as needed
Kombu (or dashi soy sauce)
cut into lengths that fit into the jar
Honey (for the yuzu tea)
as needed


1. Preserve the peel: Peel off the yellow part of the peel with a knife. Line the peel on paper towels, and microwave for 3 minutes to evaporate some of the moisture.
2. Attention: It's best to half-dry the peels (a bit more tender than dried fruit) to best retain the fragrance!
3. Put the peels in a resealable bag and freeze. To use, take it out and julienne or finely chop while still frozen, depending on what you're using them for.
4. Preserve the flesh: Segment the fruit and chop it up roughly. Combine with the ☆ ingredients, and pack in a jar up to the rim (include the seeds, too).
5. Combine the soy sauce and mirin in a 3:2 ratio, and bring to a boil in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Pour into the jar from Step 4 up to the top, and leave for half a day.
6. After half a day, strain all the kombu, yuzu pulp and seeds, and the ponzu sauce is done! If you don't remove the solid bits, the sauce will become sour and syrupy.
7. Preserve the white pith: This part will remain. You can add it when you are making apple jam and so on to give the jam a yuzu fragrance, but you could...
8. Chop it up finely, pack it into a jar with enough honey to the top, and leaving it for several days, you'll have yuzu tea concentrate just like that! So easy! And it's done!
9. If you add finely julienned frozen yuzu peel to Recipe ID: 925275 "Simple is Best! Soft and Creamy Deep-Fried Taro Roots in Sauce (Agedashi)," it'll transform into a refined and aromatic dish!
10. Just add a little julienned yuzu peel to your everyday simmered dishes to transform into restaurant-class dish!

Story Behind this Recipe

Whenever I have a lot of yuzu, I always preserve it this way.