Relaxing Yuzu Tea

Relaxing Yuzu Tea

This has a milder taste than lemon tea. I recommend it for cold days or when you're having trouble sleeping.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Black tea
1 tea bag
Boiled water
a cupful
Yuzu jam
2 teaspoons (about 20 g)


1. Fill a cup with boiled water, add the tea bag, then cover it with a saucer or small dish and steep for about 1 minute.
2. Remove the tea bag, add the yuzu jam, stir until dissolved, then it's ready to drink.

Story Behind this Recipe

Once, when I was having trouble sleeping, I thought I'd make myself a cup of honey tea, but I was out of honey, so I made yuzu tea instead. It was delicious with a calming and gentle taste, so I decided to share it here for everyone to try.