Chicken Sautéed with Cream and Mustard

Chicken Sautéed with Cream and Mustard

Have these with an easy sauce made with only 2 ingredients.
Heating the whole grain mustard reduces its spiciness, so even those who don't like spice can enjoy this chicken. The combination of mustard and heavy cream is perfect.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Chicken thighs
2 fillets
Salt and pepper
a generous dash of each
1 tablespoon
● Heavy cream
100 ml
● Whole grain mustard
1 and 1/2 tablespoon


1. Trim the yellow colored fat from the chicken thigh, then chop into several pieces across the fiber. Season with salt and pepper, then fry both sides to a golden crisp on medium heat.
2. Add the sake, cover with a lid, then reduce heat to steam cook until thoroughly cooked through. Remove any excess fat from the pan.
3. Remove the chicken from Step 2, add the ● ingredients and blend with the tasty bits and juices left in the pan, then lightly simmer while stirring.
4. Pour the sauce from Step 3 onto the cut pieces of chicken thigh, and serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

My daughter said that the pork sauté she had at school was delicious, so I gave it a try with chicken.