Easy Fruit Jelly with Canned Fruit

Easy Fruit Jelly with Canned Fruit

This is an easy jelly with canned fruit. It melts on your tongue. Give it a try!

Ingredients: 6 small glass bowls

Canned fruit (I used tangerines this time)
1 (435g)
Gelatin powder
Hot water
50 ml
Syrup from the canned fruit +water
3 tablespoons


1. In a small pot, pour 50g of hot water and sprinkle the gelatin. Swirl the pot and melt the gelatin.
2. Add water to the syrup from the can so that it'll be 350g. Add syrup and water mixture and sugar to the pot.
3. Turn on the heat to medium and mix well, scraping off the bottom of the pot.
4. When it starts to simmer, turn off the heat.
5. Add fruit.
6. Transfer the fruit to the serving glass bowls.
7. Pour in the gelatin mixture and chill until set.
8. Done!

Story Behind this Recipe

My oldest son has a sweet tooth and loves jelly! He eats jelly and pudding even in the winter. To reduce the cost, I made it at home!
My family members had to eat lots of bad batches Finally I got this recipe Here is the recipe for jello pudding (Recipe ID: 961326).