Chestnut Pudding

Chestnut Pudding

This is a delicious pudding that uses chestnut creme.
It's made simply using gelatin, and you don't have to steam it!
I've changed the amounts.

Ingredients: 8 small ramekins

Egg yolk
Granulated sugar
25 g
Creme de marron
80 g
180 g
Heavy cream
70 g
Vanilla beans
4 cm
2.5 g
15 g


1. Dissolve the gelatin in water. Use a microwave or immerse in hot water to completely dissolve. Set aside.
2. Add eggs and granulated sugar to a bowl and mix (you could use a hand mixer).
3. Add the marron cream and mix.
4. Add the milk, heavy cream, and vanilla beans (pods included) to a pot and heat until the sides start to bubble.
5. Remove the pot from heat, add the gelatin, and add the Step 3 mixture a little at a time.
6. Pass through a tea strainer (I strain it twice).
7. There will be bubbles on the top, so immerse the bowl in ice water to cool.
8. After cooling for more than 30 minutes, it'll be creamy and have a beautiful chestnut color.
9. Pour into the ramekins and chill in the refrigerator.
10. This is the Bonne Maman chestnut cream I used.
11. For the cream, whip 50 g of heavy cream, add 50 g of chestnut cream and whip until peaks form (I added 1 g of cocoa here).
12. The spoon for the containers were too small for the chestnut chunks. It's too small and difficult to eat with. If you have the same containers I have, I recommend using a different spoon.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love chestnut, so I came up with a simple yet delicious pudding recipe.