Cheap & Tasty Rolled Chicken Breast Cutlets

Cheap & Tasty Rolled Chicken Breast Cutlets

These are crispy chicken cutlets coated with crumbled crackers! There's happiness in every bite of soft, melted cheese.

Ingredients: 4 rolls

Chicken Breast
60 g
Total 14 crackers/50 g
○Cake flour
3 tablespoons
3 scant tablespoons
1 teaspoon


1. Remove the skin from the chicken breast and cut it into two pieces as shown in the top photo. Then cut each of the 2 halves in half horizontally to make 4 pieces.
2. Cover with plastic wrap and tenderize with a rolling pin until thin. Keeping the wrap on, move to the next step.
3. Wrap the breasts like a spring roll. Place a 15 g piece of cheese in the middle, roll, sprinkle a small amount of flour (not listed), fold both ends over to finish the wrap.
4. Put the crackers in a plastic bag and using a rolling pin, crush. It's okay if they are roughly crumbled. This is a great stress reliever!
5. Mix the ingredients marked with ○ until very smooth. Using chopsticks, dip the chicken from Step 3 into the batter.
6. At this point, thoroughly coat the dipped chicken with the crackers. Gently press down to make sure the crackers stick.
7. In a frying pan, heat enough oil to submerge the chicken to 340°F/170°C. At medium heat, fry both sides of the chicken until light brown. Drain the oil and complete by arranging onto a dish.
8. I used this block of cheese. You can use shredded cheese, sliced cheese, processed cheese, or any kind of cheese you prefer.

Story Behind this Recipe

I like chicken breasts and always make this recipe with bread crumbs. When I ran out of bread crumbs, I decided to try using crumbled crackers I bought from Costco. They came out so crunchy and so delicious. They transformed from just chicken cutlets to special chicken cutlets.