Easy sushi for the one you L-O-V-E

This sushi cake is super easy and surprisingly quick so you can make it whenever you need something a little special to spice up a dinner with your loved one.

Ingredients: 2 heart-shaped sushi cakes, each about 13 cm in diameter

Warm cooked rice
500 g
Sushi rice mix from the store
1 small bag (if you're using "Chirashi sushi no moto," plus 1 small bag of "Nori-goma" rice seasoning
Salmon roe
to taste
Thin, julienned Japanese omelette
to taste
Sakura Denbu (mashed and seasoned pink fish)
to taste
Nori seaweed cut into letters
as necessary


1. Sprinkle chirashi seasoning into your bowl of warm rice. Also mix a pack of nori and sesame seasoning into the rice as well. Try to combine everything together without mushing the rice grains.
2. If you're using ready-to-use omelette strings, sprinkle a little bit of hot water onto them to fluff them up. Pack the seasoned rice from Step 1 into a mold.
3. Turn the shape sushi rice onto a clean plate, then top with the julienned omelette. Outline the shape of your heart with a wreath of salmon roe.

Story Behind this Recipe

Nori's in season from November to March, so I came with a nori-focused dish to serve on Valentine's Day in February! Even if you're planning to make something else on Valentine's, this sushi will work for any special occasion.