Very Versatile Ginger Jam

Very Versatile Ginger Jam

Ginger power is the cure for the chills.
Try it on bread, in yogurt, or tea.
This recipe uses an easy-to-remember 1:1 ratio.


50 g
50 g
Lemon juice
1 teaspoon


1. Freeze the ginger, skin and all.
2. Grate the ginger without peeling the skin. Freezing the ginger makes it easier to grate since the fibers are brittle and don't get hairy.
3. Put the grated ginger and honey into a sauce pan and simmer. When it starts to simmer, add lemon juice, and briskly stir.
4. Store in a clean jar.
5. Mix with hot water to make a hot ginger drink, or put it in your black tea to make ginger tea. Either way, it'll warm you up.
6. Spread on bread. I also recommend putting it in yogurt.
7. Here is an apple and ginger jam. All you have to do is grate 1/4 of an apple into the ginger jam when simmering. It will give a fruity touch.
8. When I used brown sugar in place of honey, it gave the jam a deep flavor. The color is not so appetizing, though.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to readily have ginger on a daily basis.