Autumn Foliage-Themed Hot Pot (Environmentally-Conscious and Thrifty)

Autumn Foliage-Themed Hot Pot (Environmentally-Conscious and Thrifty)

This is a hot pot with grated daikon and carrots with their skins intact, and simmered with the water in the vegetables. The meat used is pork offcuts thus, this is a environmentally-conscious and thirfty hot pot.
*The autumn foliage theme refers to the grated carrot

Ingredients: 4 servings

Sliced pork offcuts
600 g
Chinese cabbage
1 bunch
1 block
Daikon radish
1/2 (600 g)
1 small
Green onions or scallions


1. Grate the daikon and carrot. Roughly chop the Chinese cabbage and mizuna greens, and dice the tofu into 16 cubes.
2. Cover the hot pot with half of the Chinese cabbage.
3. Scatter the pork offcuts on top.
4. Cover with the remaining Chinese cabbage.
5. Scatter with more pork offcuts.
6. Cover with mizuna greens.
7. Scatter the pork offcuts on top again.
8. Top with grated daikon and carrot.
9. Scatter the tofu cubes around, cover with a lid, and heat. I used a portable gas stove.
10. Once the pot begins to simmer, scatter green onions on top, cover again with a lid and it's done once the meat has cooked through. Eat with ponzu sauce.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make an environmentally-conscious and wallet-friendly hot pot.