Christmas Frankfurter Sausage Pie Wreath

Christmas Frankfurter Sausage Pie Wreath

Both kids and adults would love this frankfurter sausage wreath pie. You can make one more dish from the extra vegetables.


Frozen puff pastry
2 sheets
Quail eggs
Mesclun greens (or broccoli)
As needed
Cherry tomatoes
5 or 6
Imitation crab sticks
Red, yellow or orange bell pepper
As needed
Parmesan cheese
As needed


1. Cut the pastry in triangles like in the photo. I cut one sheet into four pieces like the photo. Roll out with a rolling pin.
2. Wrap a sausage with the pastry, and brush a beaten egg yolk. Cover with foil, and bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Remove the foil and cook for 5-6 more minutes while keeping an eye on it.
3. The main ingredients are done. The sealed side should be down when baked.
4. Make a bow tie from a imitation crab stick and place on the dish.
5. Cut a cherry tomato in half, and put a quail egg in between. This is Santa Clause.
6. Line the plate with the greens,
7. and place the pie bites on top.
8. Decorate with snowmen made from quail eggs, mushrooms made from radish and briefly boiled bell pepper cut with star-shaped cutter. Sprinkle snow (made from powdered cheese) for a final touch.
9. You can make one more dish from the remaining vegetables, such as the bell peppers after cutting out shapes with a cookie cutter and cherry tomatoes. Simmer in a pot with chicken, canned tomato, wine, and soup stock.
10. Sprinkle basil leaves, and another dish is done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a finger snack for my children's Christmas party, and so I created this.