Tarako Tasting Like Mentaiko

Tarako Tasting Like Mentaiko

Adding a little extra to inexpensive tarako (salt-cured cod roe) tastes like spice cured mentaiko.


Salted tarako (salt-cured cod roe)
1 (about 80 ~ 90 g)
about 1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
1/2 ~ 1 tablespoon
Red chili pepper
a small amount (optional)


1. Scrape the salted tarako from the the membranes.
2. Add the sake and the soy sauce to Step 1, and mix. Adjust the flavour by adding red chili pepper if you like.
3. You can enjoy it on top of rice. It's also delicious to mix with mizuna greens or carrots.

Story Behind this Recipe

Delicious mentaiko is expensive, so I added a little extra to the common salted-tarako.