Lemon Milk Rusks

Lemon Milk Rusks

Even stale bread can turn into a delicious snack.
The sourness of the lemon flavor is refreshing.

Ingredients: 3 pieces of sliced bread, thin slices preferable

Sliced bread or a French baguette
3 pieces of sliced bread or a corresponding amount of French bread
●Powdered sugar
40 g
Skimmed milk powder
15~20 g
● Butter or (if you don't have butter) margarine
15 g
●Pokka lemon powder or lemon juice.
1 to 2/3 teaspoons [*When using lemon juice, taste and adjust the amount]
● Vanilla oil
a few drops
Sliced almonds
To taste, optional


1. Bring the butter to room temperature and mix well. When it softens enough to mix easily, add the ● and continue mixing.
2. Cut bread into as thin pieces as possible. Ideally slice them to about 5 millimeters in thickness. Cut them into any shape you like. Spread the ● on the bread.
3. Preheat your oven to 100°C (or 212 F) and bake for 30 minutes. If you bake the bread on a rack as shown, the bottom will get dry out more easily too.
4. It's fine to bake the bread straight on a baking sheet too. This is dried out hard baguette.
5. The piece on the left is about 5 mm in thickness and the one on the right is slightly over 1 cm. The 5 mm thick piece is crispier. I recommend thin slices.
6. The bread will get dry when it cools down. Bon appetit.

Story Behind this Recipe

Whenever I have dry, stale bread, I make it into rusks.
Pokka's lemon powder doesn't require water so it was great for making crispy rusk.
This was supposed to have been in Pokka's recipe contest but just had a draft done and missed the deadline... But now it's finished!