Spicy Carrot and Celery Steamed in Ketchup

Spicy Carrot and Celery Steamed in Ketchup

This steam-cooked dish is so easy!
The red chili peppers and black pepper give a kick of spice.
It's also great for bentos since it's tasty even after it's cooled down.

Ingredients: 4 servings

1 large
1 stalk
a pinch
◆Olive oil
1 tablespoon
3 scant tablespoons or more
◆Red chili peppers
1/2 or more, finely chopped
a pinch or two
to taste
Black pepper
to taste


1. Diagonally chop the carrot into 5-mm thick pieces, then julienne into 5-mm strips. Remove the fibrous parts of the celery and chop into the same thickness as the carrot. Mince the leaves.
2. Put the carrots and celery stem into a pan. Season with salt. Mix lightly and let them sit for 3 minutes. Add all the ingredients marked with a ◆, and mix. Cover the pan and cook over high heat.
3. When you hear it steaming, immediately reduce the heat to low. Steam-cook for 10 minutes. When the carrots and celery are cooked to desired tenderness, add the celery leaves.
4. Stir-fry over high heat to cook out any excess water. Season with salt to taste. Likewise, adjust with sugar to taste.
5. Season with black pepper, mix lightly, and it's done.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I got some carrots from my parents' place. So, I combined them with celery and steamed them in ketchup to make my favorite spicy dish.