Non-Fried Sweet & Sour Tofu Meatballs For Your Diet

Non-Fried Sweet & Sour Tofu Meatballs For Your Diet

Non-fried meatballs with a deep chicken breast and mushroom flavor.
This has the same filling as Recipe ID: 953357 Sweet and Sour Meatballs.

Ingredients: Serves 2 (10 meatballs)

For the cutlet mixture:
Chicken tenders
70 g
250 g (or 1 package)
Shiitake mushrooms
Dried wheat gluten
2 tablespoons
●Soy sauce
About 3 drops
Cooking sake
1 tablespoon
a small amount
●Black pepper
a pinch
Olive oil
a little
Cooking sake
2 tablespoons
For the sauce:
○Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
○Cooking sake
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons


1. Heat the tofu for 1 minute in the microwave. Add it plus finely-choppped mushrooms, chicken breast, grated wheat gluten, and the materials marked with ● to a bowl and mix.
2. Create bite-sized rounded pieces of the mixture in Step 1 and add them to a frying pan coated in olive oil. Then add sake and steam.
3. When one side is golden brown flip them over. After they've been cooked through drain them on a plate. If you use a spoon when flipping them over you'll get a meatball shape.
4. Up to this point the mixture is the same for "Non-Fried Tofu Minced Cutlet For Your Diet" (Recipe ID: 953357), so you can set half aside for that if you like.
5. Add the materials marked with ○ to the frying pan, and add the meatballs from Step 2. When the sauce has boiled, it's done.
6. Add some veggies for sweet and sour pork style!
7. Use 200 g of tofu to get a slightly more rounded shape.

Story Behind this Recipe

While making the minced cutlet (Recipe ID: 953357) I thought I could use the mixture in a sweet and sour dish and that's how I came up with this.