'Lil Ghost Sushi Rolls For Halloween

'Lil Ghost Sushi Rolls For Halloween

This nori-maki is perfect for Halloween! It's so easy.

Ingredients: 6 cuts

Nori seaweed
Hot cooked white rice
a child-sized rice bowl worth
Nori seaweed
1 sheet
Colored rice (use decorative furikake for color)
an adult-sized rice bowl worth
Nori for the face
as needed
as needed


1. Break the nori in half horizontally. Use one half sheet.
2. Cover the rice in plastic wrap and form into a teardrop shape. Make it the same length as the nori.
3. Once the shape is formed, take off the plastic wrap and roll in seaweed.
4. Add colored rice to both sides of the teardrop shape and form into a circular log.
5. Put a big sheet of nori on top of the plastic wrap and thinly spread out the rest of the colored rice, leaving no openings. Then, add the log you made to the bottom and roll it up.
6. Using the wrap, tightly press the roll together.
7. Take off the wrap and cut into 6 pieces. The inside should look like this.
8. Use a nori puncher to make the eye and mouth pieces, and a straw to make the cheeks.
9. Assemble the faces and you're done.
10. This is how it looks in a bento! It's great for parties!
11. I've been making these little ghosts a lot this year! These are made with violet deco-furi.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a nori maki roll that was perfect for Halloween.