Refreshing Yuki Nabe (Hot Pot) With Pork Belly and Tofu

Refreshing Yuki Nabe (Hot Pot) With Pork Belly and Tofu

Simmered tofu hot pot by itself isn't enough...
This recipe uses just a few ingredients and is easy to make. How about a refreshing nabe that warms you up? Serve with beer.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Thinly sliced pork belly
1 package
2 blocks
Enoki mushrooms
1 large bunch
Daikon radish
Japanese leeks (or green onions)
as needed
Daikon radish sprouts
a small amount
as needed
Kombu (for dashi stock)
as needed
Kombu based ponzu
as needed


1. Add the kombu for dashi with some water to an earthenware pot and let it sit for about 1 hour (you can omit this step to save time).
2. Prepare the ingredients. Cut up the enoki mushrooms, tofu, and Japanese leeks.
3. Cut the pork belly into easy to eat pieces and coat with katakuriko.
4. Grate the daikon radish.
5. Heat the pot and when it boils, remove the kombu. Add the meat, tofu, and enoki mushrooms and simmer.
6. Lightly squeeze the liquid out of the grated daikon radish and place it on top of everything along with the daikon radish sprouts. It's done. Eat with lots of ponzu, Japanese leeks, and grated daikon radish.
7. The pork belly sprinkled with katakuriko turns out silky smooth.
8. This easy nabe is great with beer.

Story Behind this Recipe

My daughter loves tofu, but my husband isn't satisfied with just tofu hot pot.
I made a nabe that would satisfy them both.