Easy and Elegant Bite-Sized Yakiniku Tomato Cups

Easy and Elegant Bite-Sized Yakiniku Tomato Cups

Just stir fry the meat and stuff it into little tomatoes! Eat in one bite. It's juicy and delicious. The wasabi is a nice accent and goes well with rice or drinks.

Ingredients: About 8

Cherry tomatoes (or bite sized tomatoes)
Thinly sliced beef offcuts
120 g
Yakiniku sauce (bottled)
2 tablespoons
Loose leaf lettuce
As needed
To taste
To taste


1. Chop up the beef, mix with the yakiniku sauce and stir-fry until cooked. Cool.
2. Cut the tops off the tomatoes and scoop out the insides.
3. Rip up the lettuce into small pieces and line the tomatoes with them. Stuff in the cooked and cooled beef, and add a little wasabi to taste.
4. Decorate the serving plate with mayonnaise, and line up the stuffed tomatoes on top of it.

Story Behind this Recipe

We have been eating a lot of yakiniku (Japanese style BBQ) so I kind of thought this up. They were so juicy and delicious I made a lot but they were all gone in no time.