Chicken Breast Piccata with Refreshing Ponzu

Chicken Breast Piccata with Refreshing Ponzu

Make chicken breasts delicious! It's tender with a nice eggy taste. Also good to pack in bentos.

Ingredients: 3-4 people

Chicken breast
400 g
Salt and pepper
a small amount
1 tablespoon
3 tablespoons
Japanese leek
to taste
Ponzu (whatever you prefer)
to taste


1. Cut the chicken diagonally into 6-7 mm pieces (you can cut it into any sizes you want). Rub with salt, pepper and sake and let rest for 5 minutes. Break the egg into a separate bowl and beat. Julienne the white part of the leek and soak in water.
2. Pour vegetable oil (not listed) in a frying pan and heat. Dredge the chicken from Step 1 with a thin coating of flour. Dip into the beaten egg and cook in the frying pan. When one side has browned, flip it over, cover with a lid and steam-fry on medium-low.
3. Once it has fried, arrange on a plate and top with the leek. Drizzle ponzu sauce. They are so plump and juicy when freshly cooked! The chicken goes well with rice.

Story Behind this Recipe

Economical, healthy, and delicious chicken breasts! This unexpectedly became a part of my chicken breast series.