Japanese-style Soy Milk Hot Pot

Japanese-style Soy Milk Hot Pot

When it's cold outside, gather round this hot pot and warm yourselves up!

Ingredients: 3-5 servings

☆Chicken thigh or breast
☆ Minced chicken and burdock
200 g
1 block
●Daikon (white radish)
about 10 cm
Mizuna greens
1-2 bunches
As needed
Other ingredients
☆Dashi stock granules
2 1/2 tablespoons
☆Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
800 ml
●Soy milk
300 ml


1. Cut the chicken and tofu into bite sized pieces. Slice the carrots and radish into quarters. Chop the other vegetables into easy to eat sizes.
2. Put the ingredients marked ● in a saucepan and turn on the heat. When it's come to the boil, add the ingredients marked ☆ and gently cook them through.
3. Put all the vegetables apart from the mizuna, along with the tofu, into the pan. Mind the tofu doesn't crumble. Cover with a lid and simmer.
4. Once the chicken has cooked through and all the vegetables have softened, add the mizuna, cover with the lid, steam for a short while and then it's ready.

Story Behind this Recipe

My daughter loves soy milk, so I made this. It doesn't smell of soy milk and it warms you up.