Honey Ginger Ale

Honey Ginger Ale

This spicy ginger ale is mildly sweet. It's got that classic ginger ale taste. Try with carbonated or hot water.


200 g
200 ml (or 200 g)
100 g
100 g
Lemon juice
1 tablespoon
Red chili pepper
1 small
Cinnamon stick
Carbonated water
to taste


1. Thoroughly rinse the ginger to remove dirt or grime, then blot off any excess water. Cut off any parts with dirt that can't be removed.
2. Thinly slice without peeling.
3. Slice as thin as possible, thinner than the pickled ginger served at sushi shops.
4. Put the sliced ginger, water, sugar, honey, and red chili pepper (seeds removed) into a pot, lightly stir to blend.
5. Simmer on low-medium heat until the ginger becomes translucent. Skim the scum frequently.
6. Add the cinnamon sticks and lemon juice, bring to a boil, turn off heat, transfer to a jar sterilized by boiling, then allow to cool.
7. It's ready to use as soon as it's done. Store the rest in the refrigerator.
8. Dilute 3 tablespoons with 150 ml of carbonated water. Adjust to taste. You can also dilute it with hot water for ginger tea.
9. I diluted it with Darjeeling tea, and it turned out delicious.
10. Postscrupt: For those who dislike spice, remove the red chili pepper as soon as it is finished simmering.

Story Behind this Recipe

For people with colds. It will warm you right up!