Cute Ghost for Halloween Character Bento

Cute Ghost for Halloween Character Bento

A rice ball in the shape of a ghost with its tongue stuck out.

Ingredients: 1 Ghost

Plain cooked rice
Less than 1 rice bowl worth
Nori seaweed
to taste
Wiener sausage
As needed
As needed
As needed


1. Put whatever fillings you like in the rice and shape it into an oval rice ball.
2. Hat - nori seaweed, kamaboko and cheese. Eyes/mouth/hands - nori. Tongue - nori and sausage.
3. For the hat, cut out of nori, put it on a slice of kamaboko and cut around it. Add a strip of cheese.
4. Tongue - Cut a sausage in half vertically, use a cookie cutter punch out the tongue and then slice it horizontally to make it thinner.
5. I used these tools!
6. It's easy to make the hands if you use a punch like this one.
7. Secure the hat with a strand of pasta. Put the parts on and add a little ketchup to the cheeks.
8. That's it! A cute ghost!
9. You can use rice for the hands instead of seaweed.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's nearly Halloween so I wanted to make this.