Brioche Bread with Butter & Egg Yolk

Brioche Bread with Butter & Egg Yolk

I tried making this bread with plenty of butter and just egg yolks, and it came out in a rich, brioche style! This is a nice, faintly sweet bread!

Ingredients: 12 brioches

Bread flour
125 g
All purpose flour
125 g
30 g
20 g (if you don't have it please adjust the amount of sugar to 40 g)
Egg yolk
Unsalted butter
80 g
Heavy cream
30 ml
enough to make 160 ml when combined with egg yolk and cream
4 g
Instant dry yeast
4 g
Beaten egg
to glaze


1. Beat the egg yolk well and mix with the cream and water.
2. Put all of the ingredients except for the butter in the bread maker and set it to the bread kneading course. Place the yeast according to the manufacturers instructions.
3. Add 1/3 of the butter 3 minutes after starting the course, then another 1/3 after a further 3 minutes and then the last 1/3 after another 3 minutes.
4. Leave everything in the bread maker until it's finished proofing.
5. Once proofed, take out the dough, and punch it down to get rid of the gas. Use a scraper to divide the dough into 12, moulding them into rounds. Each round should weigh around 45 g.
6. The butter can cause things to get a bit sticky so feel free to give the dough a dusting of flour if it needs it. Place the dough seam-side down and cover with a slightly damp cloth for 10 minutes.
7. Once the 10 minutes is up, turn each piece of dough seam up, press down and re-form into balls. Make a lump of the top by pressing down the top 1/4 of the dough with your little finger and rolling.
8. Make the lump quite narrow and put the dough into aluminium cups. Push the lump down gently to flatten a little. The butter will begin to melt here, so do this step as quickly as possible.
9. Proof for a second time in the oven for 35 - 45 minutes at 35℃. When the dough has expanded 1.5x the original size it's ready. The picture shows the dough after the second proofing.
10. Once proved, preheat the oven to 200℃. whilst the oven is heating up, glaze the dough with a mixture of water and beaten egg.
11. Bake for 12 minutes at 200℃. Please adjust the cooking time according to your oven. Once a nice golden colour, they're ready.
12. This is how they look inside when baked. The inside is really chewy, and a nice yellow color, and the smell is fantastic.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had a few egg yolks left over so decided to try my hand at a brioche. I was so surprised how delicious it turned out!!