Fried Japanese Sweet Potato with Salt and Butter

Fried Japanese Sweet Potato with Salt and Butter

You can’t resist eating this great combination! Sweet and salty potatoes. You can substitute granulated sugar for salt for a sweet snack.


Japanese sweet potato
300 g
30 g
1 teaspoon


1. Slice the sweet potatoes diagonally 1 cm thick, then cut into 1 cm wide sticks.
2. Soak the potatoes in water for about 10 minutes then drain well.
3. Heat butter in a large pan, then the sweet potatoes, but don't pile them up on each other. Cook over medium heat.
4. Shake the pan to spread the melted butter. Flip the potatoes over occasionally by shaking the pan.
5. If it is difficult to flip them over, use a spatula. However, be careful not to crush the potatoes.
6. Shake for a while after the potatoes have turned golden brown and are coated in butter, then sprinkle with salt. Enjoy!
7. This recipe is quite salty, so if you don’t like salty food, reduce the salt down to 2/3 teaspoon.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got many nice sweet potatoes, so I made this dish to enjoy the great sweet potato taste.