Daifuku-mochi with Sliced Mochi

Daifuku-mochi with Sliced Mochi

With this recipe, you can make daifuku-mochi (rice cake stuffed with sweet bean paste) in a breeze.

Ingredients: 7 to 10 daifuku

Cut mochi
3 tablespoons
A pinch
To fill bowl with mochi 80%~100%+
Adzuki bean paste
100 - 200 g (as liked)
Katakuriko (for dusting)
as needed


1. Roll the bean paste into balls. (7 if making large daifuku, 10 if medium).
2. Place the cut mochi in a microwave-safe glass bowl (mine is flat-bottomed). Add sugar, salt, and water (fill the bowl 80-100%). Cover the bowl and microwave for 5 minutes.
3. Stir the melted mochi (drain excess water).
4. Dust your workplace with katakuriko. Roll the mochi around and form into balls (watch out because they're hot!).
5. Fill the mochi with bean baste balls to finish.
6. You can make strawberry daifuku if you add strawberries in the filling.

Story Behind this Recipe

Although my child has food allergies, I wanted his to eat the same things as his brothers. That's how this recipe came about.