Pumpkin Bundles Halloween Version

Pumpkin Bundles Halloween Version

Just microwave, mash, and roll!
It's a side dish, so add some curry powder for a punch of flavor.


Kabocha squash
Curry powder
To taste
To taste
Nori seaweed
As needed


1. Wrap and microwave the kabocha with plastic wrap.
2. Scrape the peel off with a spoon.
3. Mash with a wooden pestle.
4. Check the sweetness of the kabocha and adjust the flavor with curry powder and salt.
5. Wrap and roll into a circular shape. Still wrapped, use a toothpick to make the lines on the surface.
6. Remove the wrap and stick on the nori face parts.
7. I made the faces using kabocha skin.

Story Behind this Recipe

I always put kabocha bundles in my bento, and decided to play around with it to make this.