Sweet Potato Yokan Hardened with Gelatin

Sweet Potato Yokan Hardened with Gelatin

This recipe is perfect for when you are craving potato yokan but don't have kanten (agar). It'll still come out moist and soft.

Ingredients: several small Tupperware containers

Sweet potato
1 large (500 g after peeling)
70-80 g
100 ml
☆Gelatin powder
5 g
2 tablespoons


1. Put ☆ ingredients into a microwave safe container. Let the gelatin soak in water.
2. Cut the sweet potato into about 2 cm cubes. Add just enough water to cover the potatoes and cook over medium heat until very soft.
3. When potatoes are cooked to the point where they lose shape, drain well and return to the pan. Mash using a whisk.
4. When potato is mashed and smooth, add sugar and water. Cook over low heat. Mix with a whisk until the sugar is dissolved. Take off the heat.
5. Microwave the container from Step 1 with ☆ ingredients for 20 to 30 seconds. Pour over the potato mixture and mix well with a whisk.
6. Pour into molds. Let cool in the refrigerator until set, preferably over 3 hours.
7. Take them out of the mold and cut as desired.
8. You can also use molds in a variety of shapes.

Story Behind this Recipe

We don't have kanten at home...