Olive Bread for Grown-ups

Olive Bread for Grown-ups

I created these rolls to go with meals or for a snack.
With a subtle spice, they are suited for grown ups.
They stay soft, even the following day.

Ingredients: Makes 8 small rolls

Bread (strong) flour
130 g
Cake flour
20 g
80 g
Grated cheese
15 g
8 g
Olive oil
5 g
Instant dry yeast
2 g
◆ Salt
2 g
● Bacon
50 g
● Onion
50 g
● Black olives, pitted
about 10
☆ Cayenne pepper
to taste
☆ Tabasco sauce
to taste
☆ Black pepper
to taste
☆ Garlic powder
to taste


1. Roughly mince the bacon and onions into 1-cm cubes. Wrap in a few layers of parchment paper, then microwave.
2. When the onion becomes tender, transfer the onion and bacon to a paper towel to thoroughly blot out excess moisture and oil.
3. Slice each olive into 3 to 4 pieces. They will break apart into smaller pieces when kneading.
4. Combine the flour and the ● ingredients. Add the ☆ ingredients to taste. Mix in the yeast, then use a bread machine to knead the dough.
5. When the dough is finished kneading, remove from the bread machine, and, with the seam on the bottom, shape into a ball, and let sit for 15 minutes. Wrap in plastic or cover with a damp kitchen towel to prevent drying.
6. Divide into 8 parts, roll into balls, then allow to rise. They should double in size. Preheat oven to 220°C, put the dough in the oven, then immediately reduce the temperature to 180 °C.
7. Bake for about 15 minutes, depending on your oven. Serve once they cool.
8. These are baked with processed cheese.
9. Here, I baked them as a small sandwich bread loaf. Lightly toast and have them with extra virgin olive oil.
10. I love eating them with a generous amount of basil pesto. Cream cheese is also a great match. For basil pesto, see Recipe ID: 919118.
11. Cut the rolls in half, and make a sandwich of ham, tuna, or vegetables.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had a craving for rolls that were not sweet, and would go well with a meal or drinks, and came up with these!