Made in Advance Caramel Syrup

Made in Advance Caramel Syrup

Since it doesn't harden, you can make it in advance! This is a very watery type of caramel syrup to use on cookies, cakes or even on bread.

Ingredients: Makes about 210 g

Granulated sugar
200 g
50 ml
Boiling water
100 ml


1. Items to prepare A deep one-handled pot, a colander larger than the pot, and a tea towel to layer at the bottom of the sink (a pot holder will also work).
2. Put the sugar and water into the pot and set on high heat. Do not leave the stove until the caramel sauce is done!
3. When parts of the liquid start to brown, lightly mix it once to even it. Crystals will start to form, so do not stir it up.
4. When the bubbles start to brown and it starts to smoke, put the pot in the sink on top of the tea towel, cover with the colander, then add the boiling water. Be careful not to burn yourself!
5. Tilt the pot and if the liquid is thick, return it to heat, and lightly melt it. Then, it's done!
6. If you burn it to the point where the smoke burns your eyes, it will be bitter.
7. With 200 g sugar, 40 ml water, and 80 ml boiling water, it will make a sauce thicker than malt syrup. It's thick, like jam.
8. I used the sauce for standard pudding (Recipe ID: 904073).
9. And Florentines (Recipe ID: 924014).
10. And for banana bread. (Recipe ID: 933890)
11. And biscuits, too. (Recipe ID: 933948)

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eliminate the bother of making a new batch of caramel syrup each time by making a large batch all at once.