Mayo & Sudachi Dressing Just Mix

Mayo & Sudachi Dressing Just Mix

This is a fresh sudachi (citrus fruit) dressing.
Good with salad, fish, and meat dishes.

Ingredients: easy-to-make amount

Sudachi (citrus fruit) extracted juice
2 fruit's worth
6 tablespoons
1 and 1/2 tablespoon
Seasoning herb salt (or salt and pepper)
to taste


1. Just mix the ingredients. Adjust the taste. You could use the juice from 3 fruits depending on their size.
2. Pan-fried fried salmon is nice with this. See Recipe ID: 922550.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm from a place where they grow a lot of sudachi, so I use it very often in cooking.
I get big amount of sudachi from my parents every year!