Chicken and Prune Simmer

Chicken and Prune Simmer

I simmered chicken with prunes. It's full of plenty of nutrients necessary for women.

Ingredients: serves 2

◆Chicken thigh
1 (200g)
☆Dry prunes
☆Red wine
☆ Soy sauce
or soup stock (instead of soy sauce)


1. Use the prunes as-is, or chop them up as desired
2. Add the chicken to a non-stick, fluorine-processed frying pan and fry with the skin-side down (if using a regular frying pan, add a little oil).
3. Once browned, flip them over.
4. Add all of the ☆ ingredients and bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce to low, cover, and simmer for about 10 minutes. Turn over the meat from time to time.
5. After simmering, it should have a uniform color as shown.
6. And it's complete. Serve the prunes together with the meat.
7. Related recipe: Prune Sweet Simmer Recipe ID: 896748. The slight sweetness and the aroma of cinnamon are a nice addition.
8. I used soy sauce this time, but soup stock is also delicious. Let it sit in the pot for a little while to allow more time for the flavors to absorb.

Story Behind this Recipe

I started making prune dishes because they're good for your body.
This is one of my household recipes.