My Signature Apple Pie

My Signature Apple Pie

This is my No. 1 requested item! I'm making it available to the public and including pictures of every step.

Ingredients: 1 Apple Pie

Apple Filling (Recipe ID: 930145)
All of it
Frozen puff pastry
3 sheets
☆Egg yolk
1 tablespoon


1. Leave the frozen puff pastry out at room temperature for 15 minutes. Make the crusts the size you want by pulling and stretching with your fingers and connecting them together.
2. I use a tart mold to make this. Cut the pastry from Step 1 to the size you want and place it in the mold.
3. Using the leftover pastry from Step 2, place a strip around the outside edge, about 1 cm wide. If one strip isn't enough, add some pastry and connect the ends.
4. [Attention:] If you're using a pie dish, Step 3 can be omitted. After Step 2, go on to Step 5.
5. Fill the center of the pie crust with a thick, heaping amount of completely cooled filling.
6. Cut the other puff pastry into 1cm strips and arrange a lattice on the pie. I lined up all of the vertical strips first, and then did the horizontal strips in an over, under, over...order
7. Cut off the uneven edges. Don't cut them too short!
8. To hide the cut edges from Step 7, wrap another 1 cm strip of puff pastry around the outside to cover. Push lightly from the top to adhere the pieces.
9. Mix together the ☆ ingredients and spread over the entire pie. Chill in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.
10. Once the pie has completely cooled, bake according to the frozen puff pastry directions and it's done!
11. [Note:] To gauge if the pie is finished baking, check if it has puffed and expanded. If it hasn't, increase the baking time.
12. For those with no mold, or who want to make an even cuter pie, use this recipe: "Heart-Shaped Apple Pie" (Recipe ID: 1283432).
13. In Step 5, add custard to the mixture. It's delicious.
14. I recommend using this custard: "Seriously Delicious Custard Cream Made in the Microwave" (Recipe ID: 1047776). Wait until it's cooled before adding it to your pie.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's a lot of work, but the cuteness level is outstanding and the filling matches this pie perfectly!
Refer to this recipe for "Cheese Sticks Made with Frozen puff pastry" (Recipe ID: 937494) to use up the leftover puff pastry.